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Chateau Le Grand Vostock Vineyards

Russian Wine Tasting: Chateau Le Grand Vostock

Wednesday, April 20 at 7:30pm Café Margarita, Malaya Bronnaya 28 This program will sample at least 8 wines from Chateau Le Grand Vostock, together with snacks including cheese plates and deli meats from Moscow’s King Meat. The program will also include the wonderful live music that is a hallmark of the legendary Café Margarita, a […]

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Karakazidi Winemaking House Presentations in Moscow – Nov 30 – Dec 4

Yanus Karakazidi and his son Konstantin will present the wines of his Karakazidi Winemaking House this week at Palati Cafe near Pavaletskaya station in Moscow. Karakazidi Winemaking House is a small winery that Yanus and Kostya have built themselves over many years in Krasnodar near Anapa on the Black Sea. They make some of Russia’s […]

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The Book: Russian Wine Country 2014: Sleeping Beauty Awakens

Just released: A comprehensive primer about Russian Wine Country, which stretches along Russia’s northern Black Sea coast from the Gelendzhik coastal resort area, about 250 kilometers northwest of Sochi, to the Taman Peninsula between the Black and Azov Seas. In the seventh century BC, Greek settlers established villages in this area and produced some of […]

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Usadba Semigorye - Ortega and Oparin with Black Sea Garage Wine Banner

Kuban Road Trip

Nine wineries in three days, and a dinner with a representative of a tenth – that’s how the schedule stacked up for me and John Ortega, on an early spring excursion through Russian Wine Country. (more…)

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Praskoveya - The Early Days

Stavropol Region Wines

Passport Magazine March 2011 Text and photos by Charles Borden The northern route of the Silk Road crossed Stavropol region long before it joined Russia’s frontier at the foot of the Caucasus mountains. During the reign of Catherine the Great, Cossacks settled the territory. Tolstoy’s The Cossacks chronicles the region’s conflicts over a century ago […]

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Vinzavod Art Center - former wine factory


Passport Magazine February 2011 Text and photos by Charles Borden Vinzavod, literal translation “wine factory,” was the term used in the former Soviet Union and now in Russia for the plant and facilities that manufacture a grape-flavored alcoholic beverage called vino (wine). Many of the Soviet Union’s largest vinzavods were located and continue to operate […]

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Abrau Durso Old Photo

National Treasure

Passport Magazine January 2011 Text:Charles Borden, Photos: Charles Borden and courtesy of Abrau Durso The sharp pop from a bottle of Shampanskoye echoes across every almost every home, restaurant and park in Russia at midnight on New Year’s eve, followed by a fizzy pour into any handy container. To the chagrin of winemakers from France’s […]

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Abrau Durso Sparkling Wines

New Year Wine Buyer Guide

Passport Magazine, December 2010 Text by Charles Borden This time of year I often get asked about wines for a company party, for a unique gift to take home for the holidays, or a Moscow New Year’s present for the boss. Here is my comprehensive 2011 Moscow Holiday Wine Shopper Guide. (more…)

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Frank and Gael at Chateau Le Grand Vostock

’Tis the Season: Wine Buyer Update

Passport Magazine December 2009 Text by Charles Borden The past two Passport wine articles covered the Russian and Ukrainian wine industries respectively. Although there is seldom news on Russia’s wine industry to report, during October Jancis Robinson, one of the world’s best known wine experts, visited the Kuban to see several wineries that employ Australian […]

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Borden Wines Graphic

Russian Wine Country Update

Passport Magazine October 2009 Text and photos by Charles Borden As you open this month’s Passport, the grape harvest is closing in Russia Wine Country, an area that stretches north and northeast of the Black Sea port of Novorossisk to the Azov Sea, where about eighty percent of the country’s wine grapes are produced. The […]

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