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Abrau Durso Old Photo

National Treasure

Passport Magazine January 2011 Text:Charles Borden, Photos: Charles Borden and courtesy of Abrau Durso The sharp pop from a bottle of Shampanskoye echoes across every almost every home, restaurant and park in Russia at midnight on New Year’s eve, followed by a fizzy pour into any handy container. To the chagrin of winemakers from France’s […]

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Abrau Durso Sparkling Wines

New Year Wine Buyer Guide

Passport Magazine, December 2010 Text by Charles Borden This time of year I often get asked about wines for a company party, for a unique gift to take home for the holidays, or a Moscow New Year’s present for the boss. Here is my comprehensive 2011 Moscow Holiday Wine Shopper Guide. (more…)

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Crimea Winery Map

Ukrainian Wine Country – Crimea

Passport Magazine, November 2009 Text by Charles Borden Ukraine was part of the Russian Empire by the nineteenth century, and later became a founding republic of the Soviet Union. Ukraine has a long coastline along the northern Black Sea and western Azov Sea where vineyards are favored by the moderating influence of the sea and […]

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Winemaker Georgi Nepranov

Russian French Champagne Shootout

Passport Magazine October 2007 Text by Charles W. Borden This month’s wine tasting, one of our most interesting, started with a comment from John Ortega about a deprecatory Moscow Times article about Soviet ‘Champagnes’. I responded that “the Soviet Shampnskoye” produced throughout Russia is primarily made from imported ‘vino-material’; cheap imported bulk wine that is […]

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