Krasnodar Region

Russian Black Sea Coast WineriesRussia’s principal wine producing area lies along the northern Black Sea of Krasnodar region. It stretches from the port Novorossiysk on the south, through the coastal children’s resort at Anapa and then north through the Taman peninsula at the south end of the Azov Sea where wines were produced in Greek settlements over 2,500 years ago. Although there are now about 20 wineries in this area, only a few still produce authentic wines from their own grapes.

Krasnodar Region is the heart of Russia’s primary agriculture producing area, bordered on the west by the Black Sea, and on the east by the Stavropol region. The southern border of Krasnodar region is formed by the Caucasus mountains, the highest range in Europe. Over fifty crops are grown in Krasnodar region including grapes, tree fruits, vegetables, and grains. Krasnodar region has an early growing season due to its mild climate and has excellent soil. Krasnodar region has over fifty percent of Russia’s wine grape vineyards.

Krasnodar Region is also home to many Black Sea resorts including Anapa and Geledzhik.