Crimea Winery Map

Ukrainian Wine Country – Crimea

Passport Magazine, November 2009 Text by Charles Borden Ukraine was part of the Russian Empire by the nineteenth century, and later became a founding republic of the Soviet Union. Ukraine has a long coastline along the northern Black Sea and western Azov Sea where vineyards are favored by the moderating influence of the sea and […]

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Borden Wines Graphic

Russian Wine Country Update

Passport Magazine October 2009 Text and photos by Charles Borden As you open this month’s Passport, the grape harvest is closing in Russia Wine Country, an area that stretches north and northeast of the Black Sea port of Novorossisk to the Azov Sea, where about eighty percent of the country’s wine grapes are produced. The […]

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Utrish Cliffs South of Anapa

Black Sea Gold Coast

Passport Magazine August 2008 Text and photos Charles W. Borden Recently Passport’s Knights of the Vine gathered to gauge the progress of Russian wineries. With a selection that included 28 bottles from the Metro discount cash-and-carry chain and eight more from Château Le Grand Vostock in Krasnodar region, Russia’s only modern winery, and Praskoveya Winery […]

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Winemaker Georgi Nepranov

Russian French Champagne Shootout

Passport Magazine October 2007 Text by Charles W. Borden This month’s wine tasting, one of our most interesting, started with a comment from John Ortega about a deprecatory Moscow Times article about Soviet ‘Champagnes’. I responded that “the Soviet Shampnskoye” produced throughout Russia is primarily made from imported ‘vino-material’; cheap imported bulk wine that is […]

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Chateau Le Grand Vostock Vineyards

Russian Wine Country

Passport Magazine October 2006 Text and photos by Charles W. Borden Two months have passed since Russia’s wine crisis began, and supermarket Sedmoi Kontinent still has only a handful of wines. The bureaucrats have crippled Russia’s wine industry and it is difficult to understand how they can fix it anytime soon. Despairing over our inability […]

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Country in Crisis

(Passport Magazine August 2006) by Charles W. Borden It’s July 7, seven days after the new Russian alcohol tax stamp regime took effect, and the shelves are bare. With the deadline for the monthly Passport wine tasting just days away, I took a tour of the wine boutiques starting with French deli Hediard, but its […]

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Georgian Kevris

Georgia: The Birthplace of Wine

Passport Magazine March 2006 by Charles W. Borden It was only a matter of time before we would get to the wines of Georgia, considered by many to be the best of countries of the USSR. There is some basis for this claim, and not only because Georgia-born Stalin provided the industry with extensive resources. […]

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John Ortega

Russia’s Bordeaux

Passport Magazine May 2005 by Charles W. Borden “I can’t believe this is Russian wine,” was a phrase we heard many times from the Passport wine panel during the tasting of Russian wines from Chateau le Grand Vostock, located in the South of Russia, close to the resort of Anapa. Wine has been grown in […]

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Russian Wine Country

Russia’s Wine Regions

The wine grape growing regions of Russia are located in the south between the Black and Caspian Seas. See the following pages for information about the regions where authentic Russian wines are produced: Krasnodar region Stavropol region Rostov region Daghestan

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Renzo Cotarella, Irina Fomina (President MBG Impex), John Ortega

Winemaking Legend: An Evening with Antinori

Passport Magazine July 2010 Text by Charles W. Borden, photos by Maria Savelieva Antinori is one of the oldest and best-known names in Italian wines with more than 600 years of grapes in the family tree. Based in Florence, Antinori is not just a big wine-maker, but it makes very big wines in the quality […]

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