Praskoveya Winery

Praskoveya WineryPraskoveya Winery (legal name SKP Praskoveyskoe) is located just south of the city of Budyonnovsk in Stavropol region. Praskoveya Winery is the oldest and one of the largest wineries in Russia. Although it previously produced a large amount of table wine, Praskoveya apparently now focuses on its brandies. Praskoveya has over 800 hectares of grapes, however considerable protective measures are necessary due to severe winter weather.

Praskoveya - The Early Days

Praskoveya – The Early Days

SKP Praskoveyskoe was originally founded in May, 1898 as a warehouse for wine for the region’s tax authorities. It soon became a winery and grapes were planted in the area. In Soviet times the winery was Vinsovkhoz Praskoveyskiy. With the end of the Soviet Union, like all State Farms, Praskoveya Winery was privatized. The members of the State Farm became owners of Praskoveya Farm and Winery.

praskoveya-collectionIn 1945, the winery began to cellar wines for collection. This collection is now over 100,000 bottles. In 1970, Vinsovkhoz Praskoveyskiy began production of brandy. It has continued this production until today and now markets three brandies: Stavropol aged 7 to 8 years, Dombai aged 8 to 10 years, and Prakoveyskiy aged more than 10 years.

Praskoveya Winery has made considerable investments in its plant and equipment during the past few years under the leadership of its General Director, Boris G. Pakhunov.

At the invitation of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, the winery opened a shop and wine bar in Moscow nearby the Barrikadnaya Metro Station, not far from the American Embassy. There you can try many of Praskoveya’s fine brandies and wines.