Russian Wine Tasting: Chateau Le Grand Vostock

Wednesday, April 20 at 7:30pm
Café Margarita, Malaya Bronnaya 28

This program will sample at least 8 wines from Chateau Le Grand Vostock, together with snacks including cheese plates and deli meats from Moscow’s King Meat. The program will also include the wonderful live music that is a hallmark of the legendary Café Margarita, a small establishment that has entertained Russians and visitors to Russia for more than 20 years.

Seating is limited, please RSVP to ensure your reservation. 
The program will be primarily in English language.
Cover charge: 1,500 rubles

Chateau Le Grand Vostock VineyardsFeatured Russian Winery: Chateau Le Grand Vostock, Russia’s first modern winery constructed in 2003 with French equipment under the direction of French winemaker Frank Duseigneur.

Host: Charles Borden, author of Russian Wine Country: Sleeping Beauty Awakens (2014).

Co-Host: Joel Babb of Kings Meat Company. Kings Meat would like to introduce guests to its new line of delicatessen ready to eat meats appearing in the supermarkets. Kings Meat will be offering attendees a preferred membership for online orders and the possibility to win a prize gift basket producer of all-natural meat products in Russia:

This event is part of Russian Wine Country wine tasting series that feature guests such as winemakers and others who live and work in the wine industry in Russia’s principal wine region along the northeastern coast of the Black Sea.

Chateau Le Grand Vostock:
Chateau Le Grand Vostock became Russia’s first new, completely modern winery in 2003. It was entirely constructed with French technology, equipment and specialists through an investment of approximately $5 million.
Chateau Le Grand Vostock is located in the village of Sadovy in Krasnodar’s Krymsk district about 50 kilometers inland from Anapa on the Black Sea coast. The “Chateau” and its 300 some hectares of vineyards occupy an entire valley of this a hilly, forested area that was formerly Vinsovkhoz Aurora.
Chateau Le Grand Vostock has a capacity of over 100,000 cases (1.2 million bottles) per year. The winery has over 1600 hectares of land including the vineyards, and has the use of an additional large tract of forests, fields and lakes.

Russian Wine Country: Sleeping Beauty Awakens (2014) is an English language book about one of the world’s oldest wine producing regions. Russian Wine Country lies along Russia’s northern Black Sea coast from the Gelendzhik coastal resort area, about 250 kilometers northwest of Sochi, to the Taman Peninsula between the Black and Azov Seas. Greek settlers established villages in this area in the seventh century BC and produced some of the world’s first wines.
Charles is currently updating his for 2016. The book will be translated and published in Russian. The ratings of wines at this event will be used to help future connoisseurs of Russian wines.

More about this Event

Guests may also order from the menu for themselves or their guests and friends at the table. Our venue hosts would appreciate the opportunity to serve their well prepared and delicious Russian dishes.

The musicians at Café Margarita normally provide a tip jar so that customers may reward them for performances well done.

About Charles W. Borden
Charles W. Borden is an editor and writer who has traveled and lived in Russia since 1992. He is currently responsible for Communications for a Paris-based private equity group that owns a 32-hectare wine estate in Burgundy, and another winery in Cote du Rhone.

In 1993, Charles organized investment projects to bring modern packaging to wineries in Russia’s Krasnodar and Stavropol regions. He has written extensively about wines of the former Soviet Union. In addition, for seven years he was an acknowledged contributor about wines of the FSU for the annual edition the widely respected Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book.

Charles was the Fine Dining and Wine Editor for Moscow’s Passport Magazine for eight years. For Passport he authored more than 100 reviews of Moscow restaurants, wine tastings and articles about Russian life and culture. Charles was also formerly editor for English language magazines in Russia including the Aeroflot inflight magazine, Russians: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, and Russian Fine Art.