Tsimlyansk Winery

Tsimlanskoye Winery is located in the Rostov region near Volgadonsk on the lake formed by the canal that was constructed to connect the Volga and Rostov-na-Donau rivers. The Rostov region is the northernmost of Russia’s wine producing areas. The winery was apparently first established in 1796 to produce sparkling wines.

The winery grows grapes that include Tsimlanski Chorny, Plechistik, Saperavi, Aligote, Rkatsiteli, and several types of Muscat. The winery must use special methods to cover and protect the vineyards during the winter.

Tsimlanskoye Sparkling WineTsimlanskoye Winery produces a unique red Russian sparkling wine that is produced according to an “old Cossack method” (kazache sposob) from local grape varieties such as Tsimlanski Chorny. This wine has full and very fruity flavor that gave it first place at a recent tasting of sparkling wines by Expat wine lovers living in Moscow. Tsimlanskoye also produces several other sparkling wines, including a less expensive version of the Cossack red, which is produced by more traditional Russian methods.

Company Name: ОАО «Цимлянские вина» (Open stock company “Tsimlyanskiye Vina”)
Lazo str.1, Tsimlyansk, Rostov Region, Russia