Galitskiy & Galitskiy

Galitskiy & Galitskiy

Винодельня “Галицский и Галицский”

Owner: Sergei Galitskiy

In September 2016, Sergei Galitsky, the founder and owner of Magnit, one of Russia’s largest grocery retail purchased the former Gostagai Winery in Gostagayevskaya. Galitsky established a company, LLC “Russian Terroir”, of which, according to public records he owns 51% . The general director of the new company is Vladislav Volchok.
Gostagai Winery has about 70 hectares in the Anapa district. It had been established by Valery Loginov’s wineries, Kommersant reports citing a representative of the regional authorities.

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Sergey Galitsky will be engaged in winemaking

Сергей Галицкий займется виноделием


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