tasting-hall-IMG_4522-1200x900Yanus Karakazidi and his son Konstantin will present the wines of his Karakazidi Winemaking House this week at Palati Cafe near Pavaletskaya station in Moscow. Karakazidi Winemaking House is a small winery that Yanus and Kostya have built themselves over many years in Krasnodar near Anapa on the Black Sea.

yanus-kostya-IMG_4559-1200x900They make some of Russia’s most exclusive wines using completely natural systems from their seven hectares of vineyards. This father and son team are also jazz musicians, and enjoy entertaining their guests.

Yanus is a unique and extraordinary veteran of the Russian wine industry. He is from a multi-generation line of winemakers, and learned the art from his grandfather. Like some of his traditional winemaking counterparts in Europe, he is involved in every aspect of the winemaking process, and has developed the winery himself with his son. They adhere to completely natural viticulture and winemaking practices, sometimes counter to modern industry trends and fads. This means his wines exhibit their own characteristics and qualities from their Russian terroir about 10 kilometers from Anapa on the Black Sea. Put aside any pre-dispositions to wine varieties when you try Karakazidi wines.


This evening program, which is offered each evening at 7pm, includes a tasting of a number of Karakazidi red and white wines and a brandy.
This will be a very interesting evening for those interested in the development of winemaking and wines of Russia.

Palati Cafe
Ulitsa Kozhevnikovskaya 11/13 Bldg 1
Metro Paveletskaya

Метро Павелецкая, ул. Кожевническая д. 11/13 стр. 1, начало в 19:00. С 30 по 4 декабря.