Kuban Road Trip

Nine wineries in three days, and a dinner with a representative of a tenth – that’s how the schedule stacked up for me and John Ortega, on an early spring excursion through Russian Wine Country.
I wanted to return to the countryside where I spent my first years in Russia, to see how the wine industry had progressed in the seven years since I last visited. As a result of the trip, I have adopted a new subtitle for this website: “Sleeping Beauty Awakes”
In the coming days, I will add new photos and text to chronicle our trip and the surprises and insights it provided along the way. The wineries ranged from small, home-grown wineries to large Soviet era industrial wineries that have been modernized.

Day One
Karakazidi Winemaking House
Gai-Kodzor Vineyards
Usadba Semigorye

Day Two
Abrau Durso
Villa Viktoria
Myskhako Winery

Day Three
Chateau de Talus
Chateau Le Grand Vostock

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