Vlad is Back, or the Return of the Raconteur, March 29 at Dom 12

March 29, 2018, Dom 12, Mansurovskiy Pereulok, 12 near Park Kultury

Vladimir Pukish is returning to Moscow for a Sommelier Competition. We are pleased that he will join our small group of Russian wine fans for an evening of wine and stories.
Location: Dom 12, Mansurovskiy Pereulok, 12 near Park Kultury
We will have a selection of about 10 wines that have received good ratings from me and at past events. Guests may bring a favorite wine to share. Dom 12 is very comfortable cafe with a wonderful menu. We will have some snacks but we encourage guests order off the menu. We ask a contribution towards snacks and wine of 1000 rubles from each guest.
Seating is limited, please RSVP to ensure your reservation.
The program will be primarily in English language.
Vladimir Pukish is PR Director of Fanagoria Winery, one of Russia’s largest modern wineries, but he is also an accomplished storyteller. Guests are sure to enjoy his anecdotes and stories from the region.
Vladimir has published numerous books and articles about the people of the region we call Russian Wine Country, about wine, vineyards, culture, history, language and heritage.
The program is hosted by Charles Borden, author of Russian Wine Country: Sleeping Beauty Awakens, an English language book about one of the world’s oldest wine producing regions. Russian Wine Country lies along Russia’s northern Black Sea coast from the Gelendzhik coastal resort area, about 250 kilometers northwest of Sochi, to the Taman Peninsula between the Black and Azov Seas. Greek settlers established villages in this area in the seventh century BC and produced some of the world’s first wines.
Charles is currently updating his book with Vladimir’s assistance, and it will contain additional chapters contributed by Vladimir. For the new 2018 version, plans are being made for Russian Wine Country to be also translated and published in Russian. The ratings of wines at this event will be used to help future connoisseurs of Russian wines.
This event is part of Russian Wine Country wine tasting series that feature guests such as winemakers and others who live and work in the wine industry in Russia’s principal wine region along the northeastern coast of the Black Sea.